A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

...Laozi, from the Tao Te Ching

When one child enthusiastically says “I love to read”, The REAL Program has taken that first single step toward bringing literacy and a love of learning to every child REAL serves.

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Books to Children

One of the jobs that I do on a regular basis is to help pick up and sort the books donated to us by so many caring people. When we get those books, I am not sure if everyone knows exactly what this means. It means that a child who has not had the chance to own their own book will be able to. A forever book! The excitement of that box begins with us. We revisit books that were part of our past and the" memory" smile comes to our faces. We remember listening to that story or reading it with someone very special; a grandparent, a parent or maybe a teacher. So our job is to make those  "memory" smiles in a child's life. And you know what? It feels good! .......... Mrs. Betsy Brown


To distribute free gently used books to the children in the greater Lynn area.

To create a sustainable program that strengthens and supports children, families and teachers by improving literacy, providing experiential learning and supporting self sufficiency.




To provide appropriate books for underserved children by collaborating with local and regional nonprofits, schools, businesses, and others.

To provide educational programs, books, food, and other materials to children at the Lynn Boys and Girls Club and to children primarily from the greater Brickett School community.

To coordinate with local colleges and high schools to provide students service-learning  opportunities that strengthen communities through education.

To provide opportunities for retired professionals, especially teachers, and youth to work together to improve literacy.

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